Register for Chef’s Master Class

This promotional event cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. Gift cards cannot be used to purchase this package. Mille Grazie rewards cannot be earned or redeemed on these packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual cooking class? 
Our virtual cooking class is a safe and comfortable way to learn how to make some of your favorite Andiamo dishes. The cooking class is led by Andiamo Executive Chef Jim Oppat. With the help of Zoom technology, we can easily escort you and your guests through an interactive and hands-on cooking class.

What platform are you using to host your virtual cooking class?
Andiamo will use th
zoom.us platform.

Do I need to download the Zoom app?
You do not need to download the Zoom app to join. Just click to join the webinar at the given time sent to you in the invitation.

I have never joined a Zoom webinar is there someone I may speak with someone prior to registering for more details? 
For any questions or inquires on how to use Zoom please refer the Zoom help desk 

Can I attend the cooking class in person instead of online?
Yes, This a LIVE in-person and virtual grilling class.

What do I need to view the online event?
You may access the Zoom webinar via computer, tablet, or mobile device with internet access.

What do I do if I have issues connecting to the Zoom event?
The Andiamo IT team will be on hand to help with connection issues if they arise. The Zoom platform offers a session for you to practice connecting prior to the event.

What does the virtual cooking class include?
The free class gets you the recipes and a Zoom link.

Can I ask Executive Chef Jim Oppat questions during the virtual cooking class?
Yes, you can ask him questions in the chat box during the class.

What does the LIVE in-person and virtual grilling class entail?
Participants will learn how to handle a grill like a true pitmaster, sample five (5) of our finest cut meats and veggies. Lead by Executive Chefs Mike, Brad and Jim, you will learn the meticulously slow process for creating mouth-watering ribs, succulent bavette cut steaks, and unforgettable grilled chicken.

Will the recipes for the virtual cooking class be provided?
Yes, the cooking class package will have the recipes needed for the class.

Is the dish vegan or vegetarian?
No, the dish is not vegan nor vegetarian.

Can I use my Andiamo gift card to purchase the LIVE in-person cooking class?
We do not accept Andiamo gift cards for online purchases.

What if I register and cannot attend?
If you are registered and cannot attend the online event you will receive a link to the recorded session that you may access after the tasting.

Can I get a refund for my LIVE in-person cooking class?
We have a NO refund policy.

What is the deadline to register for the LIVE in-person and virtual cooking class?
The deadline to register for the Chef’s Master Class is Monday, June 28.