Joe Vicari’s Italian Steakhouse offers a unique approach to the premium American steakhouse. From hand-trimmed filet to hand-rolled gnocchi, each dish is masterfully prepared in the Italian tradition.
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American Prime, Italian Flavor

For more than 20 years, Andiamo has had the pleasure of welcoming you into our home. With the opening of our newest restaurant concept, we are proud to invite you to experience Detroit’s premier steakhouse.

Each dish on our menu is faithfully prepared in the traditions of Andiamo’s legendary Chef Aldo Ottaviani. It’s the reason we source our steak from the top 8% of beef in the U.S., and the reason each cut is aged and trimmed in house. We’re passionate about creating an experience that would make our ancestors proud.

In our kitchen, only the best will do. To procure the finest ingredients nature has to offer,
we have cultivated relationships with America’s most-respected independent farms and suppliers.
Cut and aged in-house for no
fewer than 30 days, our steaks,
offer unparalleled tenderness. We
exclusively source our steak, which,
ranks in the top 8 percent of all,
beef in the U.S., from Stockyard Premium and the Pat LaFrieda
family farm.
In the tradition of Master Chef Aldo Ottaviani, we begin every morning making our signature pastas by hand.  From fettuccine to farfalle, Andiamo makes each style with the same recipes and ingredients it has used for more 
than 20 years.
True to Old World practices of
feeding and care, Strauss Free
Raised™ Veal is raised on natural,
open pastures alongside mother
and herd. Due to these strict
standards, our natural, authentic
veal boasts exceptional richness in
color and flavor.
Known for its mild buttery
character, Strauss American lamb
is among the country’s most tender
and delicately flavored. Each has
been hand-selected from family
farms and ranches to ensure the
highest quality texture and taste.
We are proud to serve only
the finest, all-natural chicken
in our dishes. Exceedingly juicy and
impeccably-seasoned, our premium
free-range chicken is both hormone
and antibiotic free.
Flown in daily from across
the globe, our seafood is freshly
harvested from the world’s
richest waters. Our chefs work
with seafood buyers and fish
markets every day to bring the
most succulent, wild-caught fish
and shellfish to your table.