At age 9, during a visit to Detroit with his grandma, Robby Eimers noticed the many homeless people that reside in the city and decided to make a change. On that day he took his allowance to the dollar store and purchased items to donate to the homeless. Now, at the age of 13, Robby, his grandmother, and sister Emma travel to Detroit every weekend to supply homeless individuals with food, clothing, hygiene products, and other items.

Andiamo is supporting Robby and his efforts by utilizing our new food truck to donate meals together with him in Detroit twice a month. One of Robby’s immediate goals is to raise enough money to purchase a food truck for his mission, so Andiamo Director of Operations, Dominic Vicari, will mentor Robby on food truck operations and meal preparation.

If you would like to help Robby realize his goal, please visit the Go Fund Me page or see their website for more information on this great foundation. – website – go fund me