The Vicari family now has eight Andiamo restaurants in Metro Detroit, two Joe Muer Seafood Restaurants, and five 29/41 Mediterranean Street Food.

But it’s their tight family bond that they really bring to the table.

Just ahead of the Mother’s Day rush, we sat down with Momma Matriarch Rosalie Vicari who went from stay-at-home Mom of 3 children to COO of the Joe Vicari Restaurant Group.

“As a mother you’re very protective and you want your children to just succeed in all that they do. Sometimes I’m a little bit bossy as I’m sure my kids would tell you, I will take control of things.”

And that she has.

Now 15 years working hands on in the restaurants herself, Rosalie says she’s quite often a mother figure for her employee’s as well emotionally, monetarily and even physically.

“I had a girl who had a speeding ticket and sat I in a courtroom for 4 hours. I thought it was important for the Judge to see her Boss there.”

Son Dominic runs one of the restaurants, Daughter Theresa is an Account Executive at WJR (Yes! Mom and Dad are clients) And Daughter Carmela travels the world seeking out new products and ingredients for us all to enjoy.

“She has a 2 year old little boy that has an amazing palate as well” says Rosalie.

7 Grandchildren total!

And what’s truly amazing is admiration they all have for Mom.

“So proud of my Mom and really kind of having a 2nd career, shes not ready to sit home and babysit grandkids all day and be a Grandma she’s really doing a great job with the restaurants.”